Dec 162013

ARIES Dec 16, Dec 17, Dec 18, Dec 19, Dec 20, Dec 21 and Dec 22, 2013 - your weekly horoscope is brought to you by the Horoscope Gangsta

ARIES Dec 16 – 22, 2013

Dis week, yo’ ass is up in tha spotlight Aries.

Folks is gonna notice yo’ efforts ‘n give yo’ ass a compliment, especially those up in authoritizzle like a boss, teacher or a parent.

Don’t question it, don’t laugh it off ‘n don’t git all suspicious ‘n shit biiaatch….dis kinda feedbackz gonna be tha real deal knowhaaimsayin?

Say thanks ‘n be gracious…cuz you deserve it!

I might add dat now dat you got their attention, now is tha time ta present all dem ideas dat you been hustlin’ on or even be so bold as ta axe fo’ suttin’ dat you been wantin’ – maybe a Chrizzle bonus or some kinda reward fo’ yo’ efforts mmm?

Tha negatizzle side to yo’ astronews dis week is dat if you got plans ta travel, you betta have a Plan B up in place biiaatch cuz you in fo’ some weather delays or general fuck ups wit yo’ tickets or luggage ‘n shit.

Anythang to do wit publishin’, tha media, or tha law ain’t lookin’ too hot right now if imma be honest wit yo’ ass.

School ‘n educational mattaz are puttin’ yo’ ass up in a feisty, rebellious vibe dis week…..thangs can git frustratin’ fo’ shizzle, I git dat, but don’t be takin’ yo’ frustrations out on yo’ homies biiaatch.

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Dec 162013

TAURUS Dec 16, Dec 17, Dec 18, Dec 19, Dec 20, Dec 21 and Dec 22, 2013 - your weekly horoscope is brought to you by the Horoscope Gangsta

TAURUS Dec 16 – 22, 2013

All of dem commitments is comin’ to an end soon Taurus ‘n tha stars is sayin’ dat you just wanna git tha fuck outta dodge am I right?

If you planned ahead, you got travel reservations already lined up so hittin’ tha roadz gonna be a certainty up in tha next six weeks.

All Taurean gangstas will wanna go some place different fo’ a change of pace. If yo’ass is stayin’ home in tha hood, then learnin’ suttin’ new in order ta expand yo’ horizonz can FEEL like a breath of fresh air at least. Sudden opportunitizzles ta do dis could come true dis week.

Watch out fo’ disruptions, delayz or unexpected surprises to mattas connected wit a shared livin’ space, a shared inheritance or anythang datz held jointly wit another thug. Maybe you ain’t gettin’ yo’ fair share nah mean?

You might also be in need of some sexual healin’ baby…awww yeah. Itz been way too long since yo’ big ass booty got tha attention it deserves muthafucka! What a slick excuse ta hang up dat mistletoe over yo’ door knowhaaimsayin? ;)

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